Mid Term Makeup for MAN540 Strategic Management

For those students who registered late, or for whatever reason did not sit a Mid Term Exam, please note there will be a


Wednesday 31 May 2017, at 4pm, in D123

our usual classroom

Good Luck!

your instructor



Mid Term Exam Spring 2017

The Mid Term Exam for MAN540 Strategic Management will be at

5pm on


5 April 2017

in room D123

Note: there is a sample exam paper to help you study in an earlier post.

You are responsible for the material from Chapters 1 to 6 of the David & David textbook


Feedback on Mid Term Exam

Overall, the level of the papers was extremely high. Well done.

Here are the results: mid-term-exam-results-man407-strategic-management

Q1. The SWOT analysis was very well done. A few students failed to mention threats.

Where students lost marks:

Q2. asked for alternative strategies. You should have mentioned 3 or more possible strategies for the future. Students lost mark for not suggesting future strategies, but listing the current strategy. Students also lost marks for only suggesting one strategy, remember we are aiming to think of many alternatives before deciding on a strategy for the future.

Q3. Is a suitable product in your country. While mostly well answered, some students did not explain why it would be suitable. More information on consumer preferences and habits would have been useful.

Q4. Well answered. A few students needed to add the details of why they are ethical and socially responsible.