Final Exam 1 June 2018

Your final exam will be in our usual classroom, at 6pm on Friday 1 June 2018.



Notes on Friday’s Class – WORKSHOP


This week our class will be a bit different.

We have  guest presenter who will take you through some useful concepts.

  • Positivity
  • Flexibility
  • Voice Exercises
  • How to be a good listener

Please wear comfortable clothing, low heels, and be prepared to take part with some movement exercises.

NOTE: Marks awarded for participation



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The Book

The text for our course

The PowerPoint slides

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Not happy with your grades?

Not happy with your grades?

Remember: Lecturers do not GIVE grades. Students EARN grades.

Before asking your lecturer for a higher grade, think about how the lecturer calculated your grade. Even one piece of missing work can result in a lower grade. The lecturer has a marking scheme when they mark the final exams, they are looking for certain items to be on the paper before giving marks. You don’t get lots of marks simply because you wrote a lot. Being unhappy with your grade is not a legitimate reason for asking for a grade change. Needing a higher CGPA is not a reason for badgering individual lecturers for higher grades. Just because you submitted an assignment doesn’t mean you will get full marks for it. Submitting work late can also mean a reduction in marks. Lecturers can only mark what is in front of them. They can’t give you marks just because they like you.