Assignment 3 social media for strategic management 

set: 26 April 2017                     due: 10 May 2017

Social Media is becoming very important for marketing executives to send our their communications. International companies such as Adidas see mass media, such as television, as irrelevant to their marketing campaigns.

So how important is social media in terms of strategic management?

Read the following articles:

S1877-6361%282013%290000011010 Social Media as a Strategic Tool: Going Beyond the Obvious

S1877-6361%282013%290000011012 Social Media in Strategic Management

  1. Do you agree that the social media are now at the center of all marketing and
    communication activities of an organisation?
  2. Is it possible for a modern company to survive without using social media?
  3. Can social media play any part in the planning life cycle of strategic management?

Type up your answer in a word processor, and then copy/paste to the comments section below, with your name and student number.






Assignment 2 – Types of Strategy

Assignment 2 – Types of Strategy

Set: 15 March 2017           due: 29 March 2017

Answer all the following questions:

  1. Identify five situations when forward integration is a particularly good strategy. Forward integration involves gaining ownership or increased control over distributors or retailers. Increasing numbers of manufacturers (suppliers) are pursuing a forward integration strategy by establishing websites to sell their products directly to consumers. Again, illustrate your answer with examples.
  1. What three strategies defined do you feel are most widely used by small businesses? Illustrate your answer with examples.
  1. List three industries where cooperation among competitors is most likely and explain why.
  1. Identify three joint ventures that have worked especially well in the past.
  1. List four important reasons why many mergers and acquisitions fail.
  1. Give a hypothetical example of related diversification and an example of unrelated diversification for Google.
  2. When would market development generally be the preferred strategy over backward or forward integration?
  1. In new technology, the current trend is for acquisitions rather than mergers. Give 4 examples of technology acquisitions in the past 2 years and explain why this strategy is now popular.

Create your answer as a document in a word processor. Copy and paste your text to the comments section below.


Assignment 6 – Vision and Mission

Assignment 6 – Vision and Mission

Set: 8 November 2016              Due: 24 November 2016


Select 2 sets of vision and mission statements from current organisations. One should be, in your opinion, an excellent and well written vision and mission statement. The second should be poor or generic in nature.

Compare and contrast the contents of both the vision and mission statements.

If possible, rewrite the poor statements into a better version.





Assignment 5 – Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

Assignment 5

set: 13/10/2016             due:27/10/2016

Business Ethics and social responsibility

Select one of the topics below, and write 500 words discussing it. Post your answer to the comments section below, along with your student number and name.


  • The most important ethical issue in your country


  • Is child labour always wrong?


  • Should we protect whistleblowers?


  • unsafe working conditions and how to improve health and safety


  • Why is fair trade so important?


  • Ethical marketing, such as is it ok to market alcohol to teenage girls?


  • The effects of bribery and corruption in economic growth


  • Any other topic you feel is important in terms of business ethics and social repsonsilibilty

Assignment 4 – Threats

set: 11/10/2016               due: 17/10/2016

The last part of a SWOT analysis is to analyse both external and internal factors that are a threat, or could be a threat, to the success of the organisation.

Externally, what is the global economic climate like? How much will this affect the organisation? What about political

Government regulations?

Also changes in technology can have serious implications?

What are your competitors doing?

Imagine you are the owner of a small business in your own country.

Typically, what threats are there to the business in the short and long run?

Write up your answer, about 300 words, and add to the comments section below, along with your name and student number.



Assignment 3 – Opportunities

Assignment 3 – Opportunities

set: 4/10/2016                due: 13/10/2016

Strategic management hinges on managers gaining an understanding of competitors, markets, prices, suppliers, distributors, governments, creditors, shareholders, and customers worldwide.

Think about what you know about

  • your own country
  • North Cyprus

What do you feel are the current opportunities?

Write your answer up as a bulleted list and post to the comments section below.

Don’t forget to add your student number and name.


Assignment 2

Assignment 2  Weaknesses in company strategy

set: 27/09/2016       due: 4/10/2016

Study what you believe to be the strategic management of one of the following local companies:

  • Califorian
  • Ezic
  • Bibliotheque Restaurant
  • Cafe Biyer
  • Gloria Jean’s Coffee
  • Roberts Coffee
  • Lavazza Coffee
  • Mado

or another food or coffee outlet that you know really well.

Make a bullet list what you consider to be the weaknesses of the enterprise.

Enter your answer into the comments section below. Remember to add your student number and name.



Assignment 1 for Strategic Management

Assignment 1

Analysing strengths

set: 22/09/2016              due: 29/09/2016

Imagine that you have finance and you can open a small business in any industry sector.

What sort of business would you like to open?

What do you think would be the strengths of this small business?

[500 words]

Add you answer as text to the comments section below. Remember to add your name and student number.