Last date for assignments 21 December 2016


You may post assignments to the blog even though it is late.

However, the last date is 21st December.  Any work posted after this date will not be considered.


One thought on “Last date for assignments 21 December 2016

  1. Strenght= Personal relationship between customers.

    Opportunity= Online advertisement and

    Threat= He is not professional enough to be strong in the competitive market.

    Weakness= Kimball has no marketing budget.

    Question Mark= Food Cards

    Star= Advertising Food Cards

    Cow= Stable advertisement across twitter has to create more unique techniques.

    Dog= Kimball has to improve advertisement techniques and create new ideas.

    Social media is very improtant in the global market. It helps people to expand their supply and increase demand across customers in the country and at abroad. So that, you can reach more potential and have competitive advantage. Moreover it can be profitable for the company.

    Online advertisment and home delivery system can be successful by using these both techniques for a market segmentation.

    As Cypriots are curious about new adveritsements and new foods/places, it will be verh helpful to see the new things through these cards. I belive that it will be successful in Cyprus. Furthermore, there is no such an example for this work in North Cyprus which will be a competitive advantage for the one who is thinking to open the business in Cyprus.

    Online Services
    Application via Smart Phones/Devices
    Home Delivery

    I think these strategies are feasable enough to they because they are not costly and easy to apply and have good result.

    Dogan Bullici
    Banking and Finance


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