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Videos of chapter 1,2 and 4

Here are the links to videos made by your instructor for the Strategic Management online course.

Chapter 1


Chapter 2


Chapter 4 part 1


Chapter 4 part 2



Assignment 2

Assignment 2 – Types of Strategy

Set: 9 March 2018     due: 23 March 2018

Answer all the following questions:

  1. Identify 3 local companies. What strategies are they pursuing?
  2. Identify three acquisitions in the technology industry and explain the rationale behind these acquisitions.
  3. When would market development generally be the preferred strategy over backward or forward integration?
  4. Which strategies are the most risky? Why?

Create your answer as a document in a word processor. Copy and paste your text to the comments section below. Remember to add your name, student number and department.




Assignment 1 – Types of Strategy

Assignment 1

Set: 2 March 2018           Due: 16 March 2018

From the Library find a recent journal article that focuses on a strategic management topic. Select your article from an academic journal, not a magazine or website. Write a short report on the article, highlighting the types of strategy used by the organisation (s) in the article.

Add your report to the comments section below. Remember to add your name, student number and department. Give the journal citation, APA Style.



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The Book

The text for our course


The PowerPoint slides

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Welcome to MAN540 Strategic Management for Spring 2018

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Not happy with your grades?

Not happy with your grades?

Remember: Lecturers do not GIVE grades. Students EARN grades.

Before asking your lecturer for a higher grade, think about how the lecturer calculated your grade. Even one piece of missing work can result in a lower grade. The lecturer has a marking scheme when they mark the final exams, they are looking for certain items to be on the paper before giving marks. You don’t get lots of marks simply because you wrote a lot. Being unhappy with your grade is not a legitimate reason for asking for a grade change. Needing a higher CGPA is not a reason for badgering individual lecturers for higher grades. Just because you submitted an assignment doesn’t mean you will get full marks for it. Submitting work late can also mean a reduction in marks. Lecturers can only mark what is in front of them. They can’t give you marks just because they like you.


Mid Term Makeup for MAN540 Strategic Management

For those students who registered late, or for whatever reason did not sit a Mid Term Exam, please note there will be a


Wednesday 31 May 2017, at 4pm, in D123

our usual classroom

Good Luck!

your instructor



no class tonight – 17/5/2017

Just a reminder that we have no class tonight. Wednesday 17 May 2017

The undergraduates have exam week, so our room will be in use for exams.

We will meet up next week for our final exam.



Sample exam questions for Final

Here are some sample exam questions:

NOTE: These are not THE exam questions. Just an idea of what might come up.

After reading a case study can you answer the following questions:

  • Perform a SWOT Analysis
  • Discuss some of the management trade-off decisions to be made in the required strategic implementation plans for this organisation.
  • Can this organisation benefit from a diverse workforce?
  • What type of market segmentation would work well for this organisation?
  • What critical comparisons can we make, when measuring organisational performance ?
  • What type of contingency plans can this organisation have in place?
  • What are the advantages of global business that this organisation should consider as part of its overall strategy?
  • What would be some of the global challenges to this organisation?
  • Imagine this organisation decide to market their product/service in your home country. What cultural differences do they need to be wary of?
  • Give three alternative strategies that the organisation could follow?
  • Are these strategies feasible?